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Fernando Alonso to the rescue over Spanish speed limits

5 Mar

It makes you wonder whether Zapatero saw this coming. As Prime Minister it mustn’t be fun when any of your proposals are met with widespread rejection by the public, but when one of Spain’s national heroes, in the form of Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, comes forward to join the dissenting throng, you must know you’ve got something wrong.

National treasure: F1 driver Fernando Alonso

In the wake of unrest in the Middle East causing oil prices to soar, Zapatero’s PSOE announced last week that they will lower the speed limit on Spain’s motorways to help save energy. From Monday 7 March the limit on Spanish motorways will no longer stand at 74.5mph, or 120kph, but 68mph, or 110kph. A recent survey by the AA revealed that 59% of UK drivers asked would slow down to save fuel. Amusingly, the AA advised that driving at 80mph uses a quarter more fuel than driving at 70mph, as well as being illegal. Continue reading


Sex sells manifestos in Catalan elections

28 Nov

As the Catalans go to the ballots today after an election campaign dominated by sex and distasteful content, voters are left wondering why the parties went to such lengths to win their vote, and whether it will pay off.

With over 280,000 hits on You Tube, the Socialist Party’s video ‘Votar es un plaer‘ (Voting is a Pleasure), which shows a woman voter reaching orgasm at the ballot box, looks set to scoop the popularity prize. The ad was produced by the Young Socialists of Cataluña and aimed to interest young voters with quirky sexual content throughout.

The trend was set two weeks ago by the new Catalan Solidarity for Independence Party who recruited a porn star, Maria Lapiedra, to appear at their campaign rallies. Perhaps this is what’s to be expected from a party set up by Joan Laporta, the former chairman of Barcelona football club. Continue reading