No longer invisible: London’s Latin American community

24 May

A new report has revealed more about the Latin American community in London than ever before. The report, entitled No Longer Invisible, produced by Queen Mary College, London, revealed that the current Latin American population in London stands at 113,500. The community has grown fourfold since its total of 31,000 in 2001. Researchers interviewed 1,000 people in the capital who have roots to Latin American nations.


London’s Latin American population by country of birth (2008)

Top 4 countries of birth: (Click on graphic below for full breakdown)

Brazil: 41,380

Colombia: 15,271

Argentina: 5,224

Ecuador: 4,557

Latin American population in London by country of birth (2008)

What else did the report say? In terms of employment, the report stated that 85% of the community is in work and, 11% are paid below the minimum wage. More than 50% of the community are employed in low-skilled jobs such as cleaning, catering and hospitality despite their qualifications in teaching, accountancy, engineering or social work. Their use of public services is low, with only 20% saying they receive some form of welfare benefit, and the same quantity say they have never seen a GP. 

Focusing on the welfare of Latin American migrants who come to London for economic reasons, the report found that more than 40% of Latin Americans experience ‘discrimination and work place abuse’. Almost 70% of those interviewed said they felt discrimination was “a major barrier to improving their quality of life”. The report claimed the community’s needs are being ‘ignored’.


2 Responses to “No longer invisible: London’s Latin American community”

  1. Vida London June 23, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Great work on the infographic – that’s very cool. I wonder how it will compare with the census data when they finally release it…

  2. Checita August 27, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    Lots of Argentine influence in London–glad to see the stats to back it up. Nice work on the graphic!

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