Moreish Moro

16 Oct

Tucked away under the sparkling fairy lights of Exmouth Market, Moro’s warmth and liveliness offer the perfect antidote to a wet autumnal London night. And with 23 different sherries to choose from, you’ll be warmed up and ready to eat till you burst in no time.

Moro successfully marries the concepts of a modern wine bar with a bustling traditional dining room befitting its ‘neo-Spanish’ label. Stylish young professionals line up under the bar’s mirrored panel to nibble delicious tapas washed down with Rioja. At wooden tables and chairs large family groups and dating couples can choose from the varied weekly menu, always with the guarantee of some rare dishes to tempt the more adventurous.

Sharing a couple of tapas with a large glass of sangria was the perfect alternative to a starter and we chose the popular options of grilled chorizo, pimientos de padrón and tortilla española. The tortilla was the best I’ve had in a long time, and that’s after having toured the tapas bars of many Spanish towns. Their trick is to only par-cook the mixture so that the middle stays gooey and emphasises the taste of the caramelised onions.

The friendly staff were well versed and prepped to describe the ingredients of sumac, zaatar and churrasco sauce even though strangely none who served us were, nor spoke, Spanish. The wood roasted chicken with trinxat and panceta was delicious and the portion was thankfully generous at £18. I found that trinxat was a tastier version of the British classic bubble and squeak with baby spinach added in. The flavours were well complemented by a glass of Cérvoles, the recommended white wine from Lleida.

The rum-fuelled Malaga raisin ice cream continued the theme of what was becoming quite a boozy meal and from what I saw that’s not infrequent in Moro. The place is loud with the energetic conversation you would want in any Spanish establishment. With a full house of customers for two covers on that weekday night it seems Moro has bypassed the recession.

Moro has been around since 1997 and took some time gathering its reputation before winning the Observer Food Monthly Award for best restaurant last year. As one of the leaders of London’s bevy of Spanish restaurants, Moro recently launched the Sunday Lunch Club which offers diners the chance to sample some of the best Spanish food and wine while learning about it from an expert.

From the décor to the menu, the atmosphere to the service, Moro satisfies every palate in search of Spanish dining. In brief, it puts the moreish in moor.


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